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    This one day guided tour in Sutri gives you the opportunity to discover the curious legends that surround these places with truly unique landscapes.


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    With this tour we will spend unforgettable moments in the Ancient City of Sutri. We will admire its archaeological and historical treasures, on a journey through history and art in the footsteps of the Etruscans. Walking along the Etruscan Necropolis we will see one of the most consistent examples of Roman rock tombs within the Etruscan-Faliscan territory, which extends for about 180 m along the high tufaceous ridge that was to skirt the Cassia. To date about 64 tombs are visible, dug directly into the wall on different levels. One of the best preserved examples of Roman tombs dating from the first century. B.C. and the III century. A.D. you reach the Amphitheater, unique of its kind as it is completely excavated in the tuff. The small Church of the Madonna del Parto not far from the Amphitheater, originally built as a Mitreo, preserves the wonderful fresco depicting the Nativity inside. Passing through Porta Furia you can access the narrow streets of the medieval village that lead to the delightful "living room" square which houses the monumental fountain of the eighteenth century, an Etruscan arch on which a clock tower rests and overlooks the Palazzo Comunale in whose courtyard are preserved ancient Roman epigraphs. Take a dip in the "Romanesque" by visiting the Church of San Silvestro, and then reach one of the most evocative corners of the city from which you can enjoy a magnificent view: the Antico Lavatoio. An evocative corner of the heart of the city, it exudes a particular charm linked to the tradition and history of the people.

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