Siena Tuscany



    Tour Siena is one of the most picturesque medieval cities in Tuscany and this tour is ideal for those visiting for the first time or for a short time.


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    Maximize time in Siena with a guided walking tour through the streets of the medieval city. Discover local attractions, including Piazza del Campo and the Cathedral of Siena, while listening to stories about the history and architecture of the city from a local guide. Explore a local neighborhood, called Contrada, and discover the famous horse races of Siena. The guided tour of Siena begins in its most beautiful square, Piazza del Campo, of which the Palazzo Pubblico (the town hall) is the focal point. Then you will walk along its fascinating streets and squares, reaching a Museum and an Oratory of a Contrada * .The Contradas (districts in which the city is divided) are the real nucleus of local social life, in which the inhabitants of each district challenge each other while they are preparing for the famous Palio race. The district is not simply a neighborhood: it is a small state that has its own heritage of traditions, memories and emotions, including its own flag and anthem. The Museum of a district, as well as its Oratory, is therefore the heart of the neighborhood. This is an intimate and secret place - with exclusive access - that contains historical documents and wonderful relics of the famous Palio, as well as magnificent works of art, which normally are not disclosed to the public. Your guided tour will be enriched by the extraordinary Guided Tour inside the famous Cathedral of Siena, built in the 12th century, together with the Piccolomini Library, to discover the beauty of its treasures and works of art; among these, the unmissable plan (during the opening period), decorated with the art of mosaics to create narrative masterpieces, San Giovanni Battista di Donatello, the rose window by Duccio di Buoninsegna, the marble pulpit by Nicola Pisano, the Library that housed a rich collection of manuscripts.

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