Ostia Antica Terme di Nettuno

    Ostia Antica


    Ostia Antica archaeological site that best illustrate the life of this beautiful and unique city: the theater, the baths, the domus and the insulae, the forum.


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    The guided tour of Ostia Antica will start from the Necropolis of the ancient city where the important funerary monuments that flank the ancient Via Ostiense rise up to the city walls where the Roman Gate opens. Entering the city we will travel along the Decumano Massimo, the main arterial road of Ostia; an avenue 9 meters wide flanked by imposing porticoes. Along this road there are the most important and grandiose public buildings of the city such as the Terme del Nettuno which preserve the largest mosaic in Ostia and the Theater, the archaeological jewel of the Scavi di Ostia. Along the tour we will also discover the residential buildings of the city such as the domus, the rich patrician residences and the insulae, the ancestors of modern apartment buildings and residential centers. We will enter the Terme del Foro, the largest thermal complex in the city, to learn about the indispensable pastime of the Romans. Going from one room to another, we will discover the attention dedicated by our ancestors to the care of the body and the technical aspect, as shown by the creation of the highly efficient heating system.

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