Encryption technologies.

Security of incidents is something we take very seriously. SSl Tecnology.

Data security is a primary factor for us. We rely on international partners to implement the most modern security technologies in terms of data production. Our and your security is entrusted to SECTIGO, an external and independent partner.  It deals with the encryption of our connections. In short, when you connect to our platform you are sure that the data flow exchanged is always one to one.

For example, in this way when you make a registration there are never third parties who can interfere to steal sensitive data. In some cases not even that we come into contact with sensitive data.

Visa / MasterCard / PayPal 

Using an electronic payment through the most important players in the sub-region not only guarantees security in making it, but also has other advantages. Last but not least, the reimbursement coverage offered by the latter.

Cash on delivery

Sure of our fact and decades of experience, we also offer cash on delivery. By booking you can easily convert your electronic ticket once you arrive in Rome. No bad surprises, no excuses, we are waiting for you at one of our points to make the payment and collect the pre-established amount.